Most recently, I moved to a new apartment. But I did not experience the expected joy from the move. She could sit in her beloved Starbucks until night: work, relax and be inspired. It was more comfortable than at home. When I felt that I was already 80% coffee, I realized that it was time to return home.
I thought, why not pull there? Why is it more comfortable in a noisy coffee shop? In general, what little things make a home a home? And here are the recipes for a cozy home that cannot be exchanged for a cafe. Verified by personal experience.
Well, I decided on a change in the house. But where to start? Read a smart book, a magazine, see design tutorials on the Internet, and can hire a designer? But this would not make the apartment cozier, because everyone has their own concept of “cosiness”. This is something personal.
I started with a simple one - with questions: “And what kind of atmosphere in the house do I need at all? What feelings would I like to experience in each room? ”
Take the time to throw out the old and buy new furniture. The apartment will not become more comfortable. Ask a question: what do you want? And for each room, select at least three symbol words that describe the atmosphere you want to create.
My comfort was hindered by things that I haven’t been using for a long time, and it’s a pity to throw out (“this is memory”). I am sure everyone faced this problem (our balconies are a temple of memory of unnecessary items). Junk accumulates and gathers dust for years. And old, already unnecessary, memories make it difficult to enjoy the present. By the way, on the topic of unnecessary things and order in the house, we have a separate article
Do not be afraid to throw out jars, bottles, sachets, bags - boxes that you have not been using for a long time. Yes, these things were once needed, but the time has come for something really important and new.
Recently I traveled to Canada and drew attention to one detail: in each apartment on the windowsill there was a paper star-lamp. And the rooms and balconies were decorated with lights. The atmosphere of home comfort and warmth even reached me on the street. Then I thought: “This is cool! And just a little light. ” We treat the light in the house superficially: we hung a chandelier and, at best, put a floor lamp. And light is a powerful cosiness, creating an atmosphere.
Highlight each zone in the room, do not allow dark corners. Place a floor lamp in a chair in which you like to read, hang a sconce over your favorite picture or photo, do not forget about a table lamp and a chandelier with soft light. And, of course, candles are a warm and lively light.
A sofa is an interesting thing. He is like a gray cardinal: it seems to be not the basis of the interior, but it affects everything that is in the room. The sofa carries a lot of emotional stress - this is a place where you can relax and rest, chat with family and friends, wrapped in a plaid to watch TV with a soulmate. Take his choice seriously.
“Well, I'll buy some cheap for the first time,” I mistakenly thought. Mine was uncomfortable and hard, moreover, it quickly broke. I had to go in search of high-quality and new in order to comfortably apartment.
Quality is expressed in beauty and convenience. When choosing, look at the accuracy of the seams, coating, and most importantly, at the filler. The ideal filling is fluff with a thin layer of foam rubber.
laid often travels from room to room on my shoulders. When I want warmth, I take it out of the bowels of the closet. But it can warm not only people, but also give warmth to the whole room.
Throws thrown over the back of the chair or the armrest of the sofa, as it were, hint that they live in the room and use it. Cashmere, wool, cotton, check or strip. With them, any interior will be more homely and lively.
A Pillows! Frankly, I had only one. She lay on the bed, covered with a blanket, and performed one function - transported to the world of dreams. Pillows can renew and even change the interior. Place one on the armchair and several on the couch, and the room will look new!
But not so simple. In addition to beauty, convenience is important here. If family members, friends, guests, sitting down, move or remove pillows, then there is no question of any comfort. What a chic pillow would not be, first of all, it should invite you to sit down.
Here are a couple of life hacks:
pay attention to down pillows - they are the softest;
doubt the size of the pillow - make an error in a big way;
large square for sofas (35-50 cm), rectangular for chairs (30x40 or 40x65);
the color of the pillow must match at least three things in the interior (curtains, carpet, wallpaper, etc.)
Here is the formula for cozying a sofa = a plaid on the back or armrest + 2 identical pillows in the corners + a rectangular pillow in the center. (Read more about the number, place and size of pillows in our article)
Many useful tips on soft comforts are in the book “Home, sweet home.” I read it in one evening and was inspired to buy new pillows!