How To Clean Bonded Leather Recliner?

How To Clean Bonded Leather Recliner

Recliners are getting more and more popular every year. But many people don’t know how to clean bonded leather recliners. It’s actually pretty easy to clean them. This article will tell you about the fundamentals of cleaning the recliner and answer some mostly asked questions on the internet.

What is bonded leather? 

Bonded leather is made of two layers of cowhide. Modern technology makes it hard for an average human to see the difference between artificial fabric and real. Bonded leather costs less than the real one and is durable, and these features make it the perfect material for furniture. 

There are two types of fabric: 

  1. Top-grain leather 
  2. Split-grain leather 

Top-grain leather is the most common type. It is made of the upper layer of the cowhide. This is the strongest part. This fabric is smooth and shiny. Thus, it is a perfect fit to upholster a sofa or a recliner. 

Split-grain leather is a lower-grade material. The surface has a suede feel. However, it is incredibly affordable. Some split-grain leather is cheaper than synthetic materials. This material is mainly used in cheap bags and shoes, but some people reupholster their recliners. 

How long does bonded leather last? 

The durability of bonded leather depends on the quality of the material and how often you are using it. The bonded leather will last two to three years in the average American household. 

Extensive use of bonded leather recliner and exposure to direct sunlight will make the material last quicker. However, if your sofa is situated in a dark room and used by your guests — the material will last longer. 

How to Clean Bonded Leather Recliner? 

There are a few ways to clean bonded leather: 

  • Use a damp cloth to clean up the crumbs from your recliner. Making your recliner wet for an extended time will damage the material. So, use a wet cloth to clean up after the film night with your family or friends. 
  • I recommend you utilize soap to remove the food or drink stains from your material. Make sure to rinse all the suds off when you are done. They will dry into the fabric and leave rings on your recliner. 
  • You can utilize a small amount of leather conditioner to keep your material looking healthy. 
  • Never place any heating object on this fabric. It will damage the material and will look bad. 

How to Clean Bonded Leather Recliner

How do I remove the stain from the leather couch?

Many different types of spills can ruin your sofa’s appearance. The permanent market, wet paint, and ink spills are the most common stains, and here are a few tips on removing them. 

Pen or marker stain  

Use a cloth that is wet with warm water to clean a Lazy Boy recliner the spot. Clean until all of the oil is gone. Rinse with cold water and let it air dry overnight. If there are still spots, use sandpaper (200 grit) to smooth out any area where the oil seeped through. 

Wet paint stain  

Dampen a white terrycloth towel with mineral spirits or denatured alcohol. Place it over the wet paint spot and let it dry overnight. Afterward, use a scrub brush to remove any dried material. 

Ink stain  

Use a clean cloth or paper towel with rubbing alcohol to wipe away the ink mark. After that, use white spirit or denatured alcohol to dampen another fabric. Place it on top of the ink spot for 4 to 6 hours. Repeat step 2 if necessary until all the ink is removed from your sofa. 

Several tips for cleaning the recliner:

I provide you a three quick tips to make your recliner feel new. 

  1. If you are unsure how to clean leather upholstery, test the cleaning solution on a small part of your chair that is not easily seen. Then if the fabric is damaged, it will be hidden for the public eye.
  2. Always clean your leather recliner when the sun is not out. The light will dry it out and might damage the material. 
  3. Use a conditioner to keep it looking shiny and new. 


We want to ask some of the most frequently asked questions about cleaning a bonded leather recliner. 

Can you use oil cleaner on bonded leather? 

Some fabrics are not suitable for oil cleaners. So you should use warm water and soap instead to keep your material looking shiny without damaging it. 

Can you sun a bonded leather chair? 

Avoid exposing your bonded leather furniture to direct sunlight. If you have a shady spot, put it there. Condition the furniture about every 6- 12 months, depending on how often it is used. Check out the material on your recliner. If the surface feels dry or looks rough, then you should condition it. Conditioner keeps your furniture looking new and protects against everyday wear and tear as well as decay from sun exposure. 


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