5 Common Dryer Smells And What Causes Them?

How do you get bad smell out of dryer

Bad smell from the clothes dryer is very annoying. Not only does the climate in the apartment suffer from the odor, because the clothes can also take on the unpleasant scents. This, in turn, can lead to the need to wash clothes more often, which costs not only time, but also money and nerves. So, if the dryer stinks, it’s high time to get to the bottom of this phenomenon.

The clothes dryer smells foul

It can happen that the clothes dryer smells like rotten egg. The reason for this is usually moisture that is inside the dryer and remains there. This creates an environment where bacteria can multiply and produce foul-smelling gases.

A dryer that smells like rotten egg should be carefully cleaned in the first instance. (Clean clothes dryer) If the smell cannot be eliminated in this way, the moisture could be in a place that cannot be reached with the hands. In this case, a professional should be consulted, who will examine the device professionally and find the affected area.

Dryer stinks of chemicals

Smell of chemicals from the dryer usually occurs in appliances that are new. Components made of plastic can have quite an unpleasant odor of their own, but this will dissipate with use. However, if the dryer still smells chemical weeks after purchase, the specialist is again the right address. The problem may be due to a defect, which can then be repaired under warranty.

Fishy smell in the dryer is also possible

Fishy smell could hardly be more unpleasant. However, this is not uncommon with clothes dryers that are a bit older, because old components made of plastic emit substances over the years that create this smell. The first step should therefore be to look for a smelly component. This can best be done with your own nose. And once the culprit has been found, replacing it will help to counteract the stench.

When the dryer smells of mold

Mold not only smells unpleasant, but is also harmful to health. Therefore, as soon as the dryer emits a musty smell, action is needed. The reason for moldy smell often lies in the incorrect care of the clothes dryer. The condensation water may not be emptied often enough and filters may not be cleaned regularly. However, if you do these tasks conscientiously and clean the dryer thoroughly once, you should soon be rid of the moldy smell.

The dryer smells burnt – A warning sign

As soon as the dryer smells burnt, it should be switched off and not used until the cause is found. Dust inside the appliance may be responsible for this smell, which can be easily removed during cleaning. However, if the burnt smell persists, a cable fire could also be the cause. In this case, a professional will have to find the corresponding spot and repair it. Continued use could cause the dryer to catch fire.

Get to the bottom of other odors – for example, if the dryer smells like plastic or rubber.
If the foul odor coming from the clothes dryer doesn’t match any of the aforementioned options, the only thing that will help is a thorough search for causes. For example, laundry to which even after washing still clings strong-smelling dirt, could be responsible for unpleasant odors from the dryer. Here, only careful cleaning of the device helps to get rid of the culprit. After plastic or rubber often direct the dryers when they are new. Often the smell disappears after 3 to 5 uses.

Preventing bad odors from the dryer

The most important way to prevent a smelly dryer is to take care of it according to the operating instructions. Usually, manufacturers provide very precise information regarding the correct measures to take when the dryer smells and give tips on cleaning the condenser, filter, lint filter and water tank. Dust from the condenser is best removed with a vacuum cleaner.

The dryer should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a quarter. The drum can be cleaned very easily with a sponge and cleaning brush. As a home remedy, citric acid or even vinegar as well as conventional dishwashing detergent are recommended here. In addition, it is worthwhile to let the dryer run “empty” regularly and to put some vinegar into the drum beforehand. Thus, the home remedy can distribute itself and reach even difficult places.

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