Bed in the wall: types, design, examples of reclining transformers.

bed built into wall

The bed in the wall has a rather attractive design and allows you to radically change the configuration of the entire interior space, which is especially appropriate when there is a shortage of free space.

Built-in bed options

Bed-transformer. Represents the usual single, half-bed, double, bunk bed, or child’s bed, which in assembled form can be part of a set or a separate cabinet.

Folding bed. It is considered the simplest and most practical interior solution. It is mounted on movable joints and special springs, which allow maximum ease of lifting the bed, so even a child or a teenager can easily cope with this design.

Roll-out. Most are often an element of modular furniture. Such a retractable model can be equipped with linen drawers, table tops, or shelves.

Concealed in the wall. With the help of this clever system, it turns out to save as much useful space in the room as possible.

The best solution for a house or apartment is a bed built into wall. The lucky owners of one-bedroom apartments or studios, after buying them, first of all, decide how to make the best use of space in order to place everything rationally and comfortably. The bed, on the one hand, should be spacious, and on the other hand, it should be placed as compactly as possible

When choosing a particular model, take into account the characteristics of the room and how functional the design should be.

Types of lifting devices

  • Horizontal. This mechanism is a sleeper with one side in contact with the wall.
  • Vertical. Rather practical and convenient in its functionality vertical version, combining with the wall in the headboard.

Where to place a bed built into the wall?

Built-in beds in the interior of rooms used beds in the wall in different rooms.

In the bedroom

Due to the huge number of varieties and different furniture characteristics, it turns out especially successful to fit a built-in model for adults in the interior of the bedroom and significantly save in it every square meter during the day.

For the children’s room

For a small-sized children’s room for a schoolboy or girl, a multifunctional bed built into a closet or a set with a superstructure, shelves, drawers, and a workplace will be perfect. In a room for two children, will be an appropriate two-story design in the wall, which can also be equipped with a desk or double model with a second tier, sliding under the first.

In the living room.

In the hall, a bedroom set, built into a closet or shelving unit, is an excellent solution for the rational use of usable space.

On the balcony

For the loggia, this option looks quite interesting and practical. When assembled, the construction can represent a closet or other storage system, and when disassembled – an excellent sleeping place for a full-fledged rest.

Modern bed built into wall – convenience and practicality in one product

Young families should be interested in a hidden bed in the closet for the children’s room, which is made in the form of a dresser, and a child’s bed with a pendulum mechanism. In demand these days is a bunk model that folds into a wide vertical pocket shape.

The ideal choice for quite cramped quarters is to buy a folding bed transformer in the form of a closet compartment, as it is a good solution for a small apartment. The newest idea is Bookcase/bed, which transforms a place to sleep into a bookshelf. The mattress in this case is divided into two parts, which are attached vertically to the bookshelves on the wall.

Bed in the wall – a good solution for small apartments

The owners of two- and three-bedroom apartments also think about how to accommodate visiting relatives, and friends. Need a comfortable place to sleep, but if you put a bed, most of the time it will just get in the way. And if there will be two children living in the nursery at the same time? To place two beds in this case and provide enough space for games is not possible. What is the solution? In all these cases, the best option would be a bed that retracts into the wall.

Strengths of the folding design

  1. Significant saving of space in the room. The free space (2.5 – 3 square meters) is available for eating, working, studying, children’s games, meetings, and conversations with guests.
  2. Creates comfort in the room. A large bed occupies a large area and in a small room, it seems cluttered, cluttered.
  3. There is no need to make and unfold the bed and remove pillows and blankets every day.
  4. Muddy cleaning in the room is simplified.

Weaknesses of such designs

  1. The daily need to raise and lower the design.
  2. Fear of falling in bed.
  3. High price.

Types of mechanisms

Furniture production does not stand still and is constantly evolving. Popular models become obsolete over time and are replaced by new ones that are also gaining wide popularity. Beds, built-in walls, and closets for many years do not give up their position and remain in demand. They have gained their fame thanks to special mechanisms that allow them to be lifted vertically without much effort.

Built-in staircase storage cabinets and under-stairs custom cabinets –

The lifting device is an important element in the design of the transforming bed. Thanks to these modules, the entire structure, which weighs several tens of kilograms, is easily lifted and turns into a vertical piece of cabinet or wall. There are several lifting devices divided:

  • Manual method;
  • A spring mechanism;
  • Gas Lift.

The first option is the cheapest, but also the most capricious, requiring periodic adjustment and some effort when raising the furniture product. The mechanism does not contain additional springs and shock absorbers, the lifting is performed entirely by hand.

The second method is less labor-intensive. The spring version already has special shock absorbers in the form of coil springs, allowing you to raise the bed base without much effort.

The coil springs are made of durable carbon steel wire. The service life of such mechanisms reaches 70 years, and that is with the daily transformation of furniture. The only disadvantage is the appearance of noise during operation. The springs can stretch over time and require replacement.

The third option is the most convenient and complex. The work of the module is based on the action of piston devices filled with compressed air. When you change the position of the folding bed, the lifting mechanism smoothly changes the position of the furniture. In this case, it is not necessary to make any special efforts, the device itself will do everything. Gas elevator today is the most expensive of all types of devices.

There are models of devices equipped with an electric drive with remote control. This is a great way to transform furniture for people with disabilities or those who appreciate everything technogenic.

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