How to Get Rid of Rust on Clothes with Home Remedies


How to get rid of rust on clothes at home

To get rid of rust on clothes at home, you need to remember the rules:

  1. Remove the stain immediately. Oxidized iron, over time, will become more deeply embedded in the material.
  2. Do not soak or try to wash rust stains. They will spread apart when exposed to water, so remove them first.
  3. The dirt on the garment is removed from the edges to the middle. This will prevent the stain from spreading.
  4. When using harsh substances, acids, be sure to wear gloves to avoid burns. Open a window so as not to poison your lungs.

If an expensive cloth made of high-end material is ruined, it is better to take it to a dry-cleaner. Masters will do everything according to the rules with minimal damage. You can quickly spoil a delicate item at home.

Preventing rust stains on clothing

To avoid the question of how to remove rust from clothing, you need to properly care for it:

  • Remove removable metal parts from the fabric before washing. Cover non-removable items with clear nail polish.
  • Do not dry clothes on a radiator to avoid damaging them or the heating element itself.
  • After drying, check that there is no moisture left on the metal parts. There may be small gaps between buttons, rivets, buttons, and fabric where moisture can enter.
  • Rust will not appear on things if you run a hair dryer after drying them to rid sections of the garment of water.
  • When walking, carefully inspect benches, swings for rust.

Ways to get rid of rust stains

What can be used to remove oxidized iron:

  • Acids, products containing them;
  • Strong detergents;
  • Soda, salt;
  • Readymade stain removers;
  • Plumbing products labeled “rust remover;
  • Hydrogen peroxide;
  • Glycerin.

The acid method will help get rid of the stain:

  1. add 5 ml each of oxalic acid and acetic acid to a glass of water;
  2. warm up the solution, put the soiled garment in it;
  3. after two hours, take out, wash.

Tomato method:

  1. cut a tomato in half, rub the inside of the garment thoroughly;
  2. leave until dry;
  3. rinse, wash.

Rust stains can be removed with toothpaste:

  1. squeeze out the paste, drop water in it to make the consistency more liquid;
  2. apply a thick coat of toothpaste to the dirty area;
  3. wash off after 40 minutes.

Rusty marks on jeans are removed with a gel detergent:

  1. apply gel to the ruined part of the jeans; wait 30 minutes;
  2. wash with a stiff brush, rub with a thick layer of laundry soap;
  3. send to the washing machine, pour a lot of powder, set a high water temperature, extra rinse.\

How to remove from a high-density fabric:

  1. dab the rusty stain with a plumber’s cleaner;
  2. Leave for a quarter of an hour, scrub hard with a stiff brush;
  3. Wash with a large amount of detergent;
  4. Rinse and rinse repeatedly to eliminate unpleasant odor; hang on the balcony/outdoor.

This cleaner will remove even stubborn stains.

To remove rust from tulle, you can

  1. Dilute bleach or bleach in water;
  2. Soak for as long as it takes to remove the stain completely;
  3. Wash as usual.

A simpler method is to moisten the curtain with undiluted hydrogen peroxide. After the stain disappears, wash.

How to remove dirt from a jacket:

  1. Drop some special rust remover on a cotton pad;
  2. Rub for a few minutes;
  3. Wash the jacket in the machine.

To avoid bothering with folk remedies, rust stain removers are used. Products with chlorine are suitable for white clothes made of cotton or very dense synthetics.

For delicate fabrics such as silk and chiffon, agents with high oxygen content are suitable. They should be marked “for delicate fabrics”. It is convenient to use gel products, they penetrate into the fibers better than powder, they are not as aggressive.

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