Optimizing Your Own Smart Home – Four Tips

Optimizing Your Own Smart Home - Four Tips

Excellent WLAN quality for flawless use

A stable and fast WLAN connection is essential for smart home use. Without the right networking, smart home is simply worthless. To achieve or improve this quality, you can use a few simple tricks. In particular, the location of the router is important here. The WLAN router should always be positioned centrally in the home and free-standing. A windowsill or an empty, open shelf area are ideal for this. It is important that no objects are placed in front of or directly next to the router. These reduce the signal, which weakens the WLAN strength.

It is also important to ensure that the router always has the latest firmware installed. Updating the firmware is therefore a necessary evil, but worthwhile. This is the only way to ensure that the connection continues to run quickly and stably.

Increase energy efficiency

While incandescent bulbs or LED lamps used to be used for lighting, nowadays more and more households are using smart home lighting systems. But that’s not all: the more smart devices are placed in the home, the higher the energy and power consumption becomes, of course. If you do not pay attention to efficiency, the electricity bill can become very expensive.

To be able to save electricity with smart home, it makes sense to network individual devices with each other. This means not only linking similar systems together, but also thinking outside the box. For example, a motion detector could be networked with the heating and lighting. The scenario would look like this: If the motion detector detects movement, the light switches on. At the same time, the heating in the room is regulated so that it stays nice and warm. However, if the motion detector detects that no one has entered the room for a longer period of time, the heating is regulated downwards accordingly and the light remains off. So you no longer have to turn off the lights or the heating yourself – the smart home takes care of this step for you. In the long run, this is guaranteed to lower your electricity bill.

The best locations for voice assistants

Voice assistants now have a permanent place in many people’s everyday lives. But then you don’t need an assistant in every room. Sure: Alexa and Co. can be transported and moved around at will. But many people have always placed the voice assistant in a specific place in the home.

According to a study by Statista, the most popular location for voice assistants is the living room. After all, that’s where life happens, and the voice assistant can answer questions as well as provide entertainment options. In addition to the living room, voice assistants are also particularly popular in the kitchen and the study. Depending on individual preferences and your own way of using the technologies, you should therefore consciously choose the location for the voice assistant. This way, you can optimize its use independently.

Exploiting the full potential of smart home use

Smart home offers a number of benefits for your life. It makes everyday life easier, can partially do the thinking for you, offers entertainment and the entire house can be regulated with a suitable app on the smartphone. To make your own smart home particularly efficient, it is advisable to equip as many areas of the house as possible with smart technologies. This is the best way to network different technologies and achieve economies of scale in their use.

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